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The stakeholders at the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) wanted a new video to present at their annual scholarship banquet. This event is an important milestone to highlight the successes of the program in order to attract more donorships. They had a tight one-month deadline for turnaround. We set to work immediately to schedule and film student interviews and internal meetings.

The video needed to highlight the achievements of their scholarship program - the Academic Achievers Program, which provides scholarships, mentoring and leadership training to under-represented students who are often the first in their family to attend college.

Timeline: With roughly a 1-month deadline we had to plan, script, film, edit and deliver a 2-3 minute video in time for the banquet. It’s all a blur now, but we mostly remember drinking lots of coffee.
Concept: The CMAS staff all had a vision in mind of what they wanted in this video. We worked closely with stakeholders and staff to structure a clear theme everyone would be pleased with. We pitched two concepts to choose from and they liked both! We endeavored to pick the best elements of each while still maintaining a strong theme for the video.