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This Florida company is an industry-leader in building safe and environmentally-friendly synthetic turf installations. Their patented base panels have been applied in 35 countries, including Antarctica, but they had issues showcasing their success on their website. Their patented base technology could be used in virtually any application – from golf courts, athletic courts, playgrounds, and rooftops – and showcasing these installs was priority. We didn’t want to limit the use of the base so our focus was on presenting UBS as the go-to company for a quality synthetic turf and base panel installation.


Design: The old website contained a lot of useful information, but it wasn’t immediately clear what the company specialized in. The design and layout were also dated and didn’t give the vibe of a world-class company.
Content Conversion & Transfer: The old website had the majority of its blog posts and installation details as PDF Power Points. One major task included transferring hundreds of images and blocks of text into proper SEO-optimized blog posts.
User Experience: Organizing all available information and presenting it in a user-friendly way was a challenge. However, they had tons of high-resolution project photos that we used on the site so that people could instantly imagine all the installation possibilities .


Design: By focusing on the company's unique selling proposition, we highlighted the versatility and large scope of their installations and made them relevant for potential searchers looking for their services.
Content Conversion & Transfer: We built several custom templates throughout the site to organize all the transferred documents and files that appealed to users looking for detailed spec information.
User Experience: Our layout highlighted the many benefits of using the company's panel system, and gave users prominent calls to action to contact the company for more information about potential installations.

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