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Mister Sparky is one of the nation’s most recognized service companies, and the stakeholders for the Houston franchise needed a website and SEO overhaul in order to optimize their online presence. Their old sites were clunky and didn’t provide easy contact methods for users – a big no-no for online conversion. They also had a large amount of inconsistent local listings and internet properties that needed to be consolidated.


Website UI/UX: The old site had lots of fragmented information and it wasn’t housed in an intuitive way. It also sent a user through several hoops in order to send an appointment request.
Responsive Design: Their old site was not responsive, so the new site had to be mobile-friendly in order to stay ahead of increasing mobile trends.
Local Listings: The Local listings for the Houston franchise needed clean-up, and we set to work to correct address listings and consolidate or delete old listings so their search presence would be consistent and conform to Google’s terms of service.


Website UI/UX: We designed and developed a new website focusing on user experience (UI/UX), mainly the user’s desire to send a service request. Our goal was to increase conversions so we provided many calls to action to prompt users to complete that goal.
Responsive Design: The new site was built with the intention of mobile search overtaking desktop, and it responds seamlessly to visits from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.  
Local Listings: After intense clean up and cooperation with search engine guidelines we properly consolidated all local listings while preserving reviews and relevant information associated with listings.

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