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K-VEST aims to be a hub for all aspects of human motion. Focused on biomechanics, they provide the tools necessary to improve the way the body moves. As a well-respected name in the professional golf, fitness, and medical industries, K-VEST needed a website that spoke to their dedication to innovation and growth.

The original K-VEST website was powered by proprietary databases, forms, and functions that allowed them to be a successful business, but left users sifting through multiple pages of content to find needed information and answers. Incorporating e-commerce, database searches, and a learning management system were all essential features to this redesign.


Consolidating: There were dozens of pages and several external domains that needed to be condensed into the main site. Content was scattered around the site and images were scarce.
Coach Search: With an extensive database of K-VEST-certified coaches worldwide, it was crucial to give users the ability to search for coaches by location - both domestic and international.


Consolidating: After narrowing down the sitemap to a workable amount of pages, we were able to combine relevant information to create content-rich pages with clear calls to action.
Coach Search: Using some of the pre-existing functionality we were able to add an easy-to-use search within a modal window accessed from the navigation bar.

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