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Thomas Lee Ltd. offers luxury bedding and bath products exclusively on their website. Their custom product line is the focal point of their business, and an updated ecommerce website dedicated to displaying what makes their products unique was needed. Customer satisfaction drives Thomas Lee, so providing online shoppers with as much information as needed to make a buying decision was crucial. The goal was to build something that was not only familiar and easy to navigate for their loyal following, but also appealed to new customers who were just discovering this luxury brand for the first time.


Design: Even after a recent redesign, the website came across as dated, disorganized, and clunky. For a brand built around luxury, they needed their website to reflect that dedication to superior user experience.
Product Details: There are many distinctive details within Thomas Lee's products that set them apart from their competitors, and highlighting those across the site was imperative.
Customer Interactions: With so many questions and comments sent in by customers, Thomas Lee wanted a way to not only address every inquiry, but to also include that content on the site to help future customers.
Order Flow: An order script ran early each morning, providing summaries of the previous day's orders to fulfill. However, this script wasn't built to function outside of the previous CMS.


Design: The website received a total responsive overhaul, incorporating a more upscale feel using modern fonts, icons, and other UI/UX elements that better spoke to the Thomas Lee brand.
Product Details: Modal windows were attached to clickable text links and icons found on each product page, as well as a page dedicated to their unique selling proposition.
Customer Interactions: We developed a custom form that allowed the owners to reply to customer questions, while simultaneously providing the option to add the question to the FAQ list or as a testimonial.
Order Flow: A new script was custom-built to function within the WordPress platform, which led to a smooth transition when the new website went live.