Logo Design Concepting For Business Owners

By Clarissa Arispe - July 6, 2014

Google+ has become a beloved social media platform among the DrumBEAT Marketing office; some use it to post our informative blog posts, others use it to network with marketing professionals around the cyber world. Recently, one of my coworkers shared my “What Does Your Logo Say About You?” article when I came across a simple, yet challenging comment, “Will you post an article about designing a logo?”

This article is intended for the business owner. The guru who has it all figured out, except for their company branding. They hire a graphic designer to produce their logo however, they aren’t sure what to ask for.

Hello, My Name Is…

So you’ve hired an artist to take the reigns of your rebranding project. They begin collaboration sessions however, you find yourself at a loss for words; completely aware and envisioning your logo concept but unable to communicate it properly to your graphic designer. So, what do you say?

  • This is our target market– It is essential for the designer to know the demographics of your target market. The colors and fonts they choose should compliment your ideal consumer and evoke a positive reaction when they are introduced to your brand.
  • We are a [insert business type here]
  • This is what we would like our logo to convey
  • Reiterating a principle discussed in What Does Your Logo Say About You, logos are quite often the first impression of your company. When you begin to outline your company objectives and design concept, you may have the itch to request that your logo “pops” and is distinguishable among other business trademarks, which sometimes results in disapproving the more simplistic designs. Your logo should reflect your professionalism and product;


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